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On Monday, I headed over to Metal Hammer’s Germany-based site where Deadlock’s new album is streaming in full. After clicking play, I had my computer translate its accompanying text into English as follows [all sic]:

Deadlock have been her fifth album finished: BIZARRO WORLD. Then they combine more subtle than before Death Metal, melodic, hardcore and pop moments. Convince yourself

Stood there were never deadlock, further development is the law with them. This is also true for the eleven new songs on Bizarro World – will be released on 2/25/2011, but are now already tested exclusively with us

I swear that is the cutest thing I’ve ever read. It’s like a band bio as penned by Charlie from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Just like how Deadlock’s music is Lacuna Coil as interpreted by slightly heavier metalists. That’s a good thing for the higher-impact guitar work and similarly epic female vox. But it seems like bands with male-female singer duos defeat themselves; in all but the most exceptional cases, from The Sugarcubes to Lacuna Coil, it ends up that I mostly tolerate the stud’s mic-time and, worse, I flinch whenever the breathtaking female harmonies are about to make way for dude’s bulging-vein growls. It’s too wide a chasm between the two, like an art museum’s placement of a darkly beautiful piece of Byzantine erotica adjacent to 3D images of a rectal prolapse. Hard to be in the mood for both. For Deadlock, t’s not ineptitude, just a nearly no-win configuration; shit, so far only Devin Townsend has pulled off dual gender duets without dips in momentum. But hey, don’t listen to me! Just click here and “convince yourself”!


Click here to order Deadlock’s Bizarro World, out today on Lifeforce Records.

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