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So as you know, the week before last Vince and I took our annual trip to Thailand to shtup ladyboys went on a business trip. We flew JetBlue. There was nothing metal about it. I mean I listened to the new Anaal Nathrakh album on the flight home and Vince stunk of all-night partying, but that was just the metalness that we ourselves brought to the flight — the airline itself provided no metal whatsoever.

Well, apparently, we just chose the wrong airline.

See, Jeanne Fury at The Deciblog took her own trip that week, and flew Virgin America Airlines. On the flight, she made the following awesome discovery:

“Instead of having a steward or stewardess go through the whole ‘what to do in case of an emergency and a dude named Sully isn’t flying the plane’ shpeel, Virgin shows its passengers a little cartoon video. A couple of seconds into the video, a black metal character looking suspiciously like Abbath appears. You can imagine my delight/surprise/utter disbelief.”

Ms. Fury was even able to find the video online so that we can all enjoy what does, indeed, appear to be an Abbath cameo:

The best part of this is the assumption that black metallers don’t remove their corpse paint before flying — y’know, because they’re just that fucking tr00. I wonder if they get picked for “random” security checks a lot?


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