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Reader Dan Wolfson is so passionate about Anomalous and their new album, Ohmnivalent, that he e-mailed us about the below song multiple times. Now, I hate to reward that kind of behavior, because GUYS I PROMISE WE GOT YOUR E-MAILS BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND WE GET A LOT OF E-MAILS AND WE CAN’T DO EVERYTHING AT ONCE SO JUST CHILL THE FUCK OUT, but I made an exception this time, because I was in a giving mood.

So, yeah, this band sounds like they can play. You know who else sounds like they can play? EVERY TECH DEATH BAND ON THE PLANET. I know it’s a cliché, but just being good is no longer good enough. The technology has made it too easy to create and spread art; perhaps now more than ever, you need to do something to distinguish yourself from the pack.

Writing good songs would be a step in the right direction. I’ve listened to the below three times now, and I still can’t remember any of it. But pretty much any riff from any song off of Origin’s Antithesis will get stuck in my head pretty much right away — and those dudes can play.

I feel like I’ve been writing the words “this band is by no means terrible” an awful lot lately, but it applies here. They’re good. But they need to be better than that.


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