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WINDS OF PLAGUE: THE NEW LIMP BIZKIT?“Oy! I can’t believe I joined this band.”

No joke: I played a new Winds of Plague song, called “California,” for Vince awhile back, without telling him what it was. His reaction? “Is this the new Limp Bizkit single?”

It’s easy to see how he could have made such a mistake.

I mean, just check out these lyrics from the song:

Put your hands up
Reach for the sky
Do what I say
Or let the bullets fly

Now, I don’t know that much about the members of Winds of Plague; maybe they really are straight-up gangsta. They’re from Upland, California, where the crime rate has apparently decreased every year since 1999, and is now well below the national average, but there is, obviously, still crime there, and someone has to be committing it, so maybe it’s these guys. In which case, I will, indeed, reach for the sky, and apologize for questioning the band’s authenticity.

And even if it is just posturing… what’s the big deal? Chris Barnes never actually fucked anyone with a knife, but we don’t give him shit for it. Is it because it seems more plausible that a serial killer would turn out to be a white guy from Buffalo than it does that the girl who posed naked with a snake for Revolver is secretly holding up 7-11s?

While you chew on that for a minute, here’s the song in question. It’s gonna be in the new Rock Band game I guess.

Winds of Plague’s Against the World comes out April 19 on Century. Sergeant D. reviews it in the May issue of Decibel, so we’ve enlisted a very, very, VERY special guest critic to do a podcast review for MetalSucks. It will blow your mind.


[via The PRP]

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