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YES, YES, YES!!! HATE ETERNAL’S “HAUNTING ABOUND” NOW STREAMINGAlright, so I have no idea if I played any part in the decision to release “Haunting Abound” as the debut track from Hate Eternal’s Phoenix Amongst the Ashes. But last week I did say it was one of the five best songs of 2011 thus far. I’m just sayin’.

And it is. It’s all kinds of awesome. I love it so much, there are no words. This is one of those oh-so-incredibly-special songs that reminds why I ever fell in love with metal in the first place. The machine-gun-fire burst section that starts at 3:53 makes me SO FUCKING HAPPY TO BE ALIVE that I can’t even put it into words. And while this is, at least for the time being, my favorite song on the record, that doesn’t mean the rest of the album isn’t awesome. Erik Rutan is a god amongst little specks of shit as far as I’m concerned.

Listen here, and, no joke, fuck you with a knife that was just held over fire if you disagree with me about the song’s power.

Phoenix Amongst the Ashes comes out May 10 on Metal Blade. Those of you who do not own a copy will find your existence poorer for it.


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