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introduces himself to the internet. He loves metal — anything from Rob Zombie to Children of Bodom to Dio. Also, he plays bass — at first he thought that he couldn’t actually play it for you in this video because it’s too loud and his parents will scold him, although he eventually gets bold enough to bust out “Holy Diver” for you.

A lot of metal fans take themselves really seriously, so I think it’s cool that RoCkStArBaSs100 does some silly, tongue-in-cheek videos like this one where he announces that he is a “Professor In Metalology.” In the banter segment, he mentions that he rearranged his room and warns against reading The Dirt because it “talks about a lot of bad stuff.”

In this video, RoCkStArBaSs100 discusses why he hates Justin Bieber. The main reasons are 1) RoCkStArBaSs100 loves metal 2) Bieber is a girl. Not sure what the squeaking in the background is —  is it his bed frame, or an agitated pet?? Hard to say. Also, he announces that he will NOT be making a video on Wednesday.

RoCkStArBaSs100’s newer videos (such as this one, “Top 10 nu-metal bands”) are more polished, featuring more sophisticated set design and sparkling audio. Some people might miss the raw, gritty feel of his earlier material, but we think true fans will stick with him and appreciate progression.

Thanks to Thats Not Metal for finding this one!

-Sergeant D.

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