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Burzum - Fallen

Burzum’s second post-prison release tops the list of records coming out today. New ones from Vintersorg, Power Quest, Glen Drover, Artillery and others finally see the light of day as well. MS New Release Czar Vic Vaughn gets on it after the break.

Artillery – My Blood (Metal Mind)
While no one can deny early Artillery releases such as By Inheritance and Terror Squad are great records, this record will not be on par with those records. My Blood is the follow-up to 2009’s When Death Comes, both of which come from the band’s third reunion. The Danish thrash metal band is good at times on this and the aforementioned record, but some legacies are left untarnished.

Blood Freak – Mindscraper (Willowtip)
When they started out, Blood Freak portrayed their work as music made in the ‘80s that had yet to be released due to personnel struggles. Gimmicky as it may be, that description applies to the music too. Eighties-era gore grind/death metal would have you believe that this, their fourth record, is another time capsule from a band that just never got their due. Mindscraper is their first for Willowtip Records.

Burzum – Fallen (Candlelight)
Varg’s second album since his parole in 2009 is supposed to be more experimental than 2010’s Belus, according to Varg. While Belus was interesting, I thought it was a disappointment, considering it was the first release in almost fifteen years to feature more than synthesizers. It’s clear Varg has always been into pushing the boundaries of experimental music, but this release probably won’t impress most fans of his early black metal releases.

Glen Drover – Metalusion (Magna Carta)
Ex-Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover’s first solo release is a fusion of proficient playing, mixing proggy metal and jazz bits. As far as the playing, it’s phenomenal. However, just as many solo records from guitarists tend to do, this is more of a wack-off on a fretboard than an actual album of songs. Drover is a former member of Testament, Eidolon and King Diamond as well.

Heirs – Fowl (Denovali)
In the vein of Red Sparowes and Isis, Heirs produce post-rock instrumentals with long softer passages and dramatic breaks into soaring heavier points. This is by no means breaking the mold, but it’s a decent disc of great instrumentals and dramatic variations in style within songs.

Madam Adam – Madam Adam (Roadrunner)
These guys are on Roadrunner? Really? Hilarious.

Orchid – Capricorns (The Church Within)
Although this has been available on iTunes since February, German label The Church Within release the physical version today. Based in San Francisco, the immediate comparison I can come up with is Sabotage-era Black Sabbbath. The tones sound identical, and the songs ebb and flow between crushing numbers like the title track and the spacier, keyboard-laden “Albatross”. A definite favorite for the week, and a killer album to pick up.

Power Quest – Blood Alliance (Napalm)
Epic power metal from the UK. Power Quest was originally formed by keyboardist Steve Williams, who had just left the band that would become Dragonforce. Expect something akin to that with Power Quest, with more of an epic Stratovarious feel and less of a Helloween-on-speed approach to power metal. The record features guest performances by keyboardist Richard West of Threshold and Pagan’s Mind guitarist Jorn Viggo Lofstad.

Sons Of Seasons – Magnisphyricon (Napalm)
Sons Of Seasons is a collection of musicians formed by former Kamelot and BLAZE keyboardist Oliver Palotai beginning in 2007 to play a fusion of speed metal, jazz and classical music. Their second album continues the work they began on 2009’s Gods of Vermin. The record features guest vocals from Simone Simons (Epica) on the track “Sanctuary.”

Vicious Rumors – Razorback Killer (SPV)
Damn, there’s a lot of power metal out this week. Vicious Rumors have been a band since 1982 and have released ten full-length records. This record features a guest appearance from former guitarist Mark McGee, who plays on two out of the ten tracks. The album also features guests appearances from Brad Gillis (Night Ranger and the guy who quit playing for Ozzy to join Night Ranger) and Eric Peterson (Testament).

Vintersorg – Jordpuls (Napalm)
In 1994, Andreas Hedlund, who also goes by the name Vintersorg, formed the band of the same name to push the limits of black metal. 2007’s Solens Rötter was a much-enjoyed eclectic blend of black metal and other influences such as folk and progressive rock. Hedlund has repeated the formula on this record, playing all instruments except for some guitar parts provided by the only other member of the band, Mattias Marklund.


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