Unsigned and Unholy



You know what’s awesome? Unsigned bands. Unsigned bands are more interesting than signed ones to me these days because oftentimes they’re just as good or better and they’re simply victims of “wrong place wrong time.” Here are a few choice bands to hit the MS inbox of late:

  • Dynahead: When I first covered Brazil’s Dynahead in April of ’09 I was impressed by their ability to cover multiple sub-genres of metal while still maintaining a consistent sound throughout — their Dynahead-ness, if you will — and the irreverence they displayed with regards to not giving a fuck about what’s in style and what isn’t. Their new album Youniverse is streaming in its entirety on the band’s Facebook page, and it’s no different than their last record Antigen (now available for free download) in that way. Dynahead aren’t anything especially revolutionary, but it’s good stuff. Headbang here.
  • Cholera: Two-man Canadian progressive death metal wrecking crew Cholera have just one song from their new album Prophecies of Annihilation posted on their MySpace page. It’s 13 minutes long and takes you through everything in the book; brutal blasts, atmsopheric keyboard passages, epic highs, deep lows, everything in between, and plenty of metal that’s outside the lines of their self-described sub-genre. It’s incredibly well-orchestrated and written even if the production is slightly lacking.
  • Lowdown: Sez reader Andrés Jeff Barrejón: “Youtube quality is terrible. But this song just got BALLS. The ending part just shits over those Devildriver guys…” Agreed 100%. Where can I get a better version of this? The website listed in their YouTube vid seems long gone.


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