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Probably not the same guy.

Reader Brian Twombly e-mailed us about “three bands you seriously need to hear,” and said it “pains me” that we’ve never talked about said bands before.

Okay, Brian. Your wish is our command. Bring it, sucka.

The Algorithm — Brian promises that “There are no bands that sound like this” and even goes so far as to assert that they’re superior to other bands who combine metal with electronica, such as Genghis Tron, Iwrestledabearonce, and Born of Osiris. (It would never even occur to me to put BOO in the same subgenre as those other two bands, but okay.) To an extent, Brian is right — about other bands not sounding like this. I mean, The Algorithm are trying to do something no one else is doing, and I’m not sure if they’re succeeding, but I appreciate the effort. And I think they lean a little much on the electronica and not enough on the metal, but that’s just a matter of personal taste.

But better than Genghis Tron? Caucasian please. Not even close. Not yet, anyway.

Viatrophy — Apparently this band is now broken-up, which is fine by me, because they sound like they’re about as original as as xerox. Seriously, dude? I “need” to hear this band? Sheesh.

Titan — There are multiple bands called Titan… this one is from Canada. And this is easily my favorite of Brian’s three recommendations. Brian’s description of them is actually written quite nicely, so I’m just going to cut and paste it for you here: “Like some prodigal bastard child of Vestiges and Incendiary, Sludge Doom Metal/Hardcore only scrapes the surface of Titans rightly titanic sound. They combine absolutely monolithic speeds with painfully beautiful riffs, expertly crushing drums and incredibly honest and raw vocals.” Well said, Brian!

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