• Axl Rosenberg

The Ukrainians have always been SUPER nice to the Jews, so I thought I’d return the favor by posting this video from the band Make Me Famous. Yes, that is the most obnoxious moniker in the history of ever, but only half as obnoxious as the terrible music the band makes.

Highlights of this video include:

  • The most awkward spin-kick ever (1:11).
  • The entire band and the cameraman doing choreographed bobbing-up-and-down (1:57).
  • Both the lyric that the one guitarist shouts out (I won’t spoil it for you) and the guitar flip that the other guitarist does at around 3:40.

The accompanying YouTube description of the video is also pretty great. For example: “This is Make Me Famous that you’re going to see and hear on tour :)” I’m glad that people will have a chance to see and hear them, ’cause sometimes bands just get on stage and wave to the audience but don’t play any actual music, and that’s a real bummer. But I can assure Make Me Famous that I personally am neither going to see nor hear them on tour, because 1) I don’t live in the Ukraine, and 2) wild horses could not drag me to see this band live. Seriously, they could be on tour with At the Gates, Pig Destroyer, Gojira, and a Cliff Burton-era Metallica transported to 2011 via time machine, and I still wouldn’t go.

Thanks to Samuel A. Favata for bringing this wonderful addition to the art world to our attention.

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