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cave in - white silenceThank the dickens for MS reader Nick Thomas who not only beat us to the punch by sleuthing out a whole batch of Cave In news, but also beat out both the band and their label Hydra Head. If you’re either one of the latter you’re probably sticking needles in an Amazon.com voodoo doll for ruining your marketing plan, but so it goes these days.

The new Cave In album White Silence, which the band announced they were recording last August, will receive a Hydra Head release on May 24th, according to the usually-but-not-always-reliable Amazon.com release page. Reliable release date or not, that’s definitely the cover above and this is definitely the track listing below:

1. White Silence
2. Serpents
3. Sing My Loves
4. Vicious Circles
5. Centered
6. Summit Fever
7. Heartbreaks, Earthquakes
8. Iron Decibels
9. Reanimation

Nick also notes that the songs “Vicious Circles” and “Summit Fever” were previously released on the DVD that came with Planets of Old, and a live version of “Centered” leaked last summer. If you’re into this sorta thing you can check out 30 second previews of all the album’s songs at Amazon. And if you’re among those (like me) who felt Planets of Old was a bit stale, you might be refreshed to find out that from what we can hear of the new album it seems like Cave In are changing things up stylistically once again. I hear black metal influence, doom, thrash, sludge, indie rock… and very little of the post-hardcore or atmospheric rock the band is known for. To be honest I’m seriously wondering whether this is in fact the new Cave In or if someone is just having a good laugh at our expense. For once, a bunch of 30 second samples have me really amped up to hear an album.

May 24th. Mark it down.



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