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Believer - Transhuman

I was recently very surprised to learn that Believer are an amazing band, and not at all what you might expect them to sound like; they’ve been around since 1989, I know, but have just now made it onto my radar through their reunion and subsequent two Metal Blade releases. I made good on my promise of listening to their new album Transhuman last week, and I was so taken by it that I’ve since listened to it several times through… in a row! It’s worked its way onto my “favorite of 2011 so far” list, and I could definitely see it staying there all year. This album is worthy of the attention of just about any metal fan. It’s all over the map stylistically, but it’s got a unifying musical quality that ties it all together… its Believer-ness, if you will.

Transhuman comes out today; order a physical copy here or a digital copy hereSERIOUSLY YOU GUYS, THIS NEW BELIEVER ALBUM! (only $7.99!). But first, jam these three tunes that’ve already been released so you know I’m not full of shit:

Believer “Mindsteps” by Metal Blade Records

Believer “Ego Machine” by Metal Blade Records


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