I apologize for offending your eyes with the photo for last week’s contest (and for doing so again by re-posting it to the right), but it had to be done… truly great photos don’t come around every week. The winner of the signed Volbeat CD is:

  • Zach: “Billy had seemingly misinterpreted his Youtube follower’s requests to “show us how you play your guitar with those sausage fingers”.”

Did you guys hear about the super-sweet MetalSucks Fanpacks that are being sold at every FYE in the U.S. starting this week? They contain an exclusive t-shirt designed by Vertebrae 33’s Rodney Githens and a 20-track CD featuring music by Kvelertak, Thomas Giles, Believer, TesseracT, Napalm Death, Trap Them and several other excellent bands. These bad boys are selling for a mere $9.99, but if you print out the coupon found here you can get one for under $7!! How is it even possible to give this stuff away for such a low price? I honestly don’t know. Use the store-finder app to find the FYE location nearest you.


But you know what’s an even better price than $7? Free. We’re giving away two Fanpacks for Photo Caption Contest this week, so put those thinking caps on and get to it: leave a comment with the funniest caption to the photo below (sent in by V Chokokringle). Remember to use a real email address (or post it with your comment if you’re using FB Connect).

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