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I never went to L’Amour, the now-legendary ’90s [And, yes, definitely ’80s. -Ed.] Brooklyn metal club, a CBGB’s of metal if you will. Even though I wasn’t that into metal during my high school years L’amour still booked tons of has-been hair metal bands from my youth that no Manhattan clubs would touch, and I surely would’ve loved it. But Axl and I went to different high schools and no one with whom I regularly cavorted would’ve been down with that stuff… plus L’Amour was in deepest, scariest Brooklyn! (or so it seemed to this sheltered Manhattan kid. Bay Ridge, lawlz!).

But reading this blog at Visualingual about the storied metal club makes me feel like I was part of the scene too. It’s a personal recount of one high schooler’s experience with the L’Amour / Brooklyn metal scene and her coming of age. It’s a great read… highly recommend if you grew up in or around NYC and the word “L’Amour” means anything to you.


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