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I remember rushing home one day in 2000 with a copy of the self-titled debut of Text, a post-Refused project by three of its former members. Refused had imploded a couple years earlier (bummer), their singer Dennis Lyxzsén and his (International) Noise Conspiracy had released a snore album of middling hipster rock (more like [International] House of Pancakes), and holy shit I was desperate for more jamz a la Refused’s masterpiece The Shape Of Punk To Come (weren’t we all?). I was sweating as I loaded the CD.

Well, this story ends sadly cuz the Text album is egghead coffeehouse jive, not razor-sharp, secret-staircase art punk like Refused. Which is fine. Whatever. Since then, (I)NC mustered a few tasty jamz (like this), Text snuck out a mini-release, and Lyxzsén paired with ex-Refused drummer/Text nerd David Sandström in AC4. And now, following several unflattering covers of “New Noise,” rumors of a Refused reunion, and an anniversary reissue of Shape, it’s come to light that Lyxzsén’s voice will next be heard alongside the guy from Methods of Mayhem. Buzzkill! From Tommy Lee’s twitter:

Great Morning to all!! Bout to get f*ckin crazy in the studio with Bloody Beetroots and Dennis Lyxzén today..

and captioned on the Lyxzén photo above:

Dennis The Menacing scream-machine!! Look out man!

and sometime between those, Lyxzsén adds:

Tommy Lee on drums. Cornelius Rifo [of Bloody Beetroots] on guitar and organ. Me on bass and vocals. Fuckin unholy powertrio.

Um yeah what? Why? Who instigated this? For whose record? Is this armageddon?


Motley Crue tours this summer with Poison and NY Dolls (dates here).

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