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Lettuce be reality: the hardcore scene of the last ten years or so was pretty much bullshit, at least compared to the 80s and 90s. The whole “tortured artist” scene (American Nightmare, The Hope Conspiracy, Panic, Converge, etc) was way too much like emo for me to respect it, and all those dumb revival bands like Have Heart, Trash Talk, and Defeater are the most annoying thing since the swing dancing craze of the late 90s. Sure, there were a few decent bands like First Blood, Death Threat, and Wrong Side, but for the most part it was either whiny pussies in tight pants or annoying, overly-sincere little kids playing boring, generic bullshit with no balls.

Thank God those days are apparently behind us, because I haven’t been this stoked on current hardcore in a decade, thanks to a crop of awesome new bands that are bringing back heavy, ignorant hardcore that’s all about bringing the mosh, getting the party started and being alpha as fuck. If you miss bands like Merauder, Fury Of V, Cold As Life, and Crown Of Thornz, GTFIH and check out some of my favorite newish bands. Everybody else, GTFO and go watch a Fugazi documentary!

Reign Supreme

From what I can tell, Reign Supreme are the poster boys for the new wave of ignorant mosh-revival bands, and for good reason: they are fucking sick. If this song doesn’t make you want to do squats and deadlifts until you pass out or throw up, there’s something wrong with you.

I’m also pretty into this branding, which wouldn’t be out of place at your favorite streetwear store — I think I would lose my mind if there was a REIGN SUPREME X UNDFTD collabo! That logo is just begging to be printed on mesh shorts and sweatpants.



I don’t know much about this band, but here is what I do know: they have an EP, it is fucking raging metallic moshcore, and you should definitely check them out if you are into shit like Ringworm, All Out War, or 100 Demons. Actually, they kind of sound like a moshier Demolition Hammer (circa Epidemic of Violence), now that I think about it (although I doubt they know who Demolition Hammer is but whatever).

Hit them up on Stereokiller, do some blow, and get into it [via staying up until you start thinking that people are trying to kill you].


Lose None

Here’s a rarity in the hardcore scene: an anti-racism song by a band with actual brown people in it! Go figure, the people who are actually affected by the issue talking about it instead of upper middle-class white college students pretentiously lecturing them…

Anyway, I think this is a little older and I’m not sure what they are up to these days, but it goes so, so fucking hard I couldn’t pass it up. The part at :30 after the intro makes me lose my mind!



I’ve covered these guys before, but a post about awesome new hardcore bands wouldn’t be complete without them. I have no idea why people compare them to The Acacia Strain because I don’t hear that at all, but whatever: the point is that Xibalba is playing DIY hardcore like it’s meant to be played, repping the 909, and deserves every bit of hype they’ve gotten lately.

Check out a short interview I did with Nate over at Stuff You Will Hate


War Hound

As you can see from their artwork, these guys blatantly worship at the altars of 90s moshcore, so as you might guess I instantly fell in love with them.

At first I thought War Hound were Euros, and you can hardly blame me — I mean, for years the only people jocking 90s NYHC were Germans, Belgians, and people from other dumb countries like the Netherlands or whatever. And then there is the fact that they use the word “hardstyle” in the title of their EP, which is a Euro trademark if there ever was one (in the US “hardstyle” means dance music, but in the Europes apparently it refers to beatdown-style hardcore). But I’m stoked they are American, because that means I’m allowed to like them… with the exception of Chunk No Captain Chunk, I have a “no Euros” clause when it comes to hardcore, sorry.

Anyhow, download their EP Return Of The Hardstyle, this shit goes HARD! Also follow them on Twitter, check them out on Facebook, and tell them Sergeant D sent you!


No Holds Barred

I know almost nothing about this band, but from what I can tell they are the closest thing we’ll ever get to the return of Jersey shore mosh legends Fury Of V! They even have that Fury style of natural harmonics down (ala the breakdown in “Do Or Die“). Put on your puffy vest and mosh!

No Hold Barred on Stereokiller



If you got into bands like Only Living Witness, early Life of Agony, and Crown of Thornz, don’t sleep on Turnstile [ft Freaky Franz]. Along the lines of those older bands, or newer shit like Trapped Under Ice, it’s little metallic, a little melodic, yet still pissed off and heavy as fuck. It has that method of groove that grabs your attention!

Check out their 7″ on Reaper Records, hit them up on MySpace, and catch them when they bring the mosh to your town!

What is your favorite newer hardcore band?? Did u get butthurt when I dissed Have Heart and Converge??? What other bands are playing ignorant moshcore these days??

-Sergeant D.

Sergeant D. is ignorant every day on Stuff You Will Hate.

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