Everyone's Replaceable



The current run of Down live dates — bloody Phil Anselmo and all — do not include bassist Rex Brown, who has quietly been replaced by Crowbar bassist Patrick Bruders. I’ve searched the Interwebs far and wide (read: one page of Google results) and cannot find any official announcement from Down, Rex or Bruders on the matter, only simple mention of the fact that Bruders is filling Rex’s spot for the forseeable future.

In light of the fact that Brown recently announced the Kill Devil Hill supergroup with Vinnie Appice and Mark Zavon (Ratt,  W.A.S.P., 40 Cycle Hum) and the fact that he recently quit southern alterna-rockers Arms of the Sun, nosy bloggers are left wondering… why isn’t Brown playing with Down right now? Is trouble afoot? MetalAssault.com [via Metal Insider] got right to the point with Rexy Rex at Kill Devil Hill’s live debut this past Friday. If you haven’t the patience for the above 9-minute interview, here’s the money quote:

This is it. I’m not doing any Down. This is my devotion right here. There’s no side gigs, or anything else that’s going on. So this is what it’s going to be for the future.

To me that sounds like Rex Brown is no longer a member of Down… although I’ve been wrong before and certainly will be again. We, citizens of the rumor-mongering metal-verse, demand clarification on the matter! How about it, Down?


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