Friggin' Danzig


  • Axl Rosenberg

Here’s a problem I know we’ve all had from time to time.

So, you’re trying to weigh something. And, yeah yeah yeah, you know how many kilos it is, or how many liters it is, or whatever — but what you really need to know is, “How many Danzigs is that?” And then you have to break out your calculator and try to remember the Danzig Conversion Formula you learned in junior high school and it’s all just so annoying, right?

Well, no longer! Thanks to the incredible new website What’s That in Danzigs?, you can now convert various units of weight measurement (but not pounds, because FUCK YOU AMERICA) into Danzigs. For example, I typed in my own weight in kilos, and guess what?


Sad for me. I can just hear Glenn muttering: “I crap bigger than you.”

Reader Charles Atwood tipped off both us and our friends at Metal Insider about this site (I guess Charlie really wanted to see his name in lights! And by lights, I mean “on multiple heavy metal websites!”), and MI’s Bram Teitelman figured out a way cooler sample to provide his reader. Go here to check it out. Then go here to start converting shit into Danzig — the only system of measurement that matters.


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