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Metal Blade is now accepting pre-orders for the new Unearth album, Darkness in the Light. And, as is de rigeur these days, those pre-orders are available in a variety of attractive packages — although, clearly, one is more attractive than the others: the one that comes with a beer bong. That has to be the best piece of merch I’ve seen in some time… and it’s certainly band appropriate, too. I wish it said something funnier on it than just the title of the record, but I’m willing to let that slide because, well, more bands need to seriously consider making beer bongs. Beer bongs should be the new patches.

And — oh yeah, lest we forget! — the band has also released the first single from this latest offering. It’s called “Eyes of Black,” and you can stream it below. (Hmmm… “Black”… “Darkness”… I’m sensing a theme here.) The band hasn’t changed their sound very much, but when you sound like Unearth that’s really not a bad thing. I’m especially fond of the groovy, Pantera-esque section that starts around the 2:03 mark

Darkness in the Light comes out July 5 on Metal Blade.


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