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Japan benefit

I couldn’t care less about MMA and couldn’t pick “superstar” Josh Barnett out of a lineup of a dozen other Affliction-wearing muscle-bound goons, but I can tell you this: the lineup of Mr. Barnett’s Japanese Benefit Fit show is completely unfuckwithable, it’s for a great cause (all proceeds will go to the Red Cross), and for that I feel compelled to stand up and offer the man a hearty clap. If I lived in the L.A. area I’d definitely be going.

The show will take place on Thursday, May 26th at the House of Blues in Hollywood and will feature All Shall Perish, Animals as Leaders, Cattle Decapitation and Abysmal Dawn, as well as local acts Internal Corrosion and Thrown Into Exile. Like I said, unfuckwithable. Even better, the show is ONLY $15; tickets are on sale now at and

Comments Barnett:

As someone that has worked in Japan over the last nine years and even lived there for a time I felt an obligation to try and help a country which has shown so much love and hospitality to me over the years. This event dealt a devastating blow to the ‘Land of The Rising Sun,’ not only economically but to the hearts, minds and souls of its people. I don’t think that my event can in any way reverse what has happened or completely restore a country and its people, but music has the power to move the heart and soul. That kind energy can reach masses and be transferred to others and if even one person can be helped, it was worth it. In any form that we can generate funds, support and just simply the bushido spirit to all those affected by this we will be successful and keep the sun forever rising in Japan.”

More info on the event’s Facebook page.


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