Okay so that’s not a direct quote, but still.

Last week I expressed some disappointment that everyone in Mötley Crüe and Poison seems to be getting along in advance of their upcoming summer tour, with Nikki Sixx apparently even going so far as to apologize to Bret Michaels for derogatory comments he had made about Poison in the past — y’know, like when he called Poison “fake bullshit” and declared that The Crüe “would never, ever tour with a fucking band like Poison.”

But guess what? As it turns out — shock of shocks — either Michaels is a liar or delusional, or Sixx is a liar or just an asshole. ‘Cause now Nikki has taken to Twitter to assure the world that, no, he never apologized for his comments:


Which is great! Because now, inevitably, someone is going to ask Bret why he said Nikki apologized when Nikki never did any such thing, and either Bret is going to have accuse Nikki of being a liar, or come up with some other bullshit to explain away his previous claim. I mean, somebody is being dishonest here. They can’t both be right.

Which can really only mean one thing: more drama. Which is just what I wanted!

So fuck Mayhem Fest, with all its bands that get along and are, by and large, still in their prime. I’m way more excited to go see artistically irrelevant old drag queens engage in a massive traveling cat fight. Tommy, scratch Rikki and smear his make-up! C.C., pull Vince’s hair! Quick, Mick, stay exactly where you are and don’t move!!!

This tour is gonna be so much fun!!!


[via Metal Insider]

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