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New releases from A Storm of Light, Anaal Nathrakh, Arsonsists Get All the Girls, Nader Sadek, Scar Symmetry and more; a good day for metal! Check out Vic Vaughn’s thoughts on today’s new albums after the break.

A Storm Of Light – As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade (Profound Lore)
Seriously heavy jams from Neurosis’s Josh Graham’s side project. The album mixes doom, sludge metal and post-rock to make one beast of a sound. The record is their first for Profound Lore, after their first two records with Neurot Recordings. The record features guest appearances from Kim Thayil (Soundgarden) and Jarboe (formerly of Swans).

Across Tundras – Sage (Neurot)
Atmospheric, doomy, psychedelic and all-around awesome, Across Tundras have released six records since their inception in 2004. Sage, their seventh, is their first for Neurot Recordings. The record is no change in pace from what Across Tundras are known for, as these tracks are both heavy and light, with less heavy noodling complementing the songs well.

Anaal Nathrakh – Passion (Candlelight)
The English black metal band release their eighth overall record. The follow-up to 2009’s In The Constellation of the Black Widow continues mixing their black metal style with elements of death metal and grindcore, and the results are typically top-notch.

Arsonists Get All The Girls – Motherland (Century Media)
God, I hate this band name. Arsonists Get All The Girls have been around since 2005 and this is their fourth record. If I tell you they’ve toured with Darkest Hour, Bleeding Through and Carnifex, you get a pretty good idea what the band sounds like… pretty forgettable deathcore.

Chrome Division – 3rd Round Knockout (Nuclear Blast)
The third record from the extreme metal party crew, and side project of Dimmu Borgir guitarist Shagrath, is a noticeable change in style.  The band has gained a new frontman since 2008’s Booze, Broads and Beelzebub, and the shift is immediately noticeable.  Former frontman Eddie Guz had a distinct grittiness to his voice that new member Athera just cannot pull off, and the music isn’t the same.  With more of a nod to southern rock than their past two records, the band is clearly a different contingent entirely from 3 years ago.  Not bad, just not Chrome Division anymore, at least not a familiar one.

Endstille – Infection 1813 (Season Of Mist)
I had never heard of this band before this week, and good god, I am glad I found them. The tracks from Infektion 1813 are a combo of death and black metal, with a bit of atmospheric keyboards in the background. This is all done masterfully, and I’m completely hooked on this band. Buy this right fucking now.

Legend – Pale Horse (Rise)
Chunky, boring metalcore. All the songs sound the same: shitty. This is their second release, following Valediction, which was released last year. Instantly forgettable.

Nader Sadek – In The Flesh (Season Of Mist)
Nader Sadek, the artist who created the set for Mayhem’s 2009 tour, decided to become more involved with metal and create his own band. But instead of getting some friends together, he enlisted Rune Eriksen to play guitar (Ava Inferi and formerly of Mayhem), bassist Steve Tucker (ex-Morbid Angel) and drummer Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy). So what does it sound like? Based on the track “Nigredo in Necromance” it’s an interesting kind of proggy metal, but overall somewhat bland. This has potential, though, so it’s definitely worth investigating. Check out “Petrophilia,” streaming here at MetalSucks.

Necrophagia – Deathtrip 69 (Season Of Mist)
Necrophagia are a band that has gone through a lot of lineup changes since their formation in 1983, but their music hasn’t really changed much at all. They play horror-influenced death metal, and they do so in the same style as previous releases. The record features guest appearances from Casey Chaos (AMEN) and Maniac (formerly of Mayhem).

Scar Symmetry – The Unseen Empire (Nuclear Blast)
Scar Symmetry’s fifth record sees a US release today. Released last month in Europe, the record continues the melodic death metal sound seen on their previous albums. The band continues on in the same style despite the departure of long-time vocalist Christian Älvestam, who left after 2008’s Holographic Universe (this is the band’s second album with new singers Roberth Karlsson and Lars Palmqvist). The change really doesn’t mess with Scar Symmetry’s style, however, and the band continues to make impressive records in the melodic vein.

Weekend Nachos – Worthless (Relapse)
Chicago’s Weekend Nachos release their third full-length, and I’m incredibly stoked. Their blend of hardcore and powerviolence is an all-out riot of awesome, and after seeing them live a couple times, I’m even more excited. Their last release was 2009’s Unforgivable, easily one of the most awesome releases of that year. Not to miss for any fans of fast, pissed-off violence coming through your speakers.


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