“You I Need,” the new video for an Amorphis song which was apparently titled by Yoda, takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which it would seem lots and lots of bombs have dropped, destroying buildings and wiping out the population, but perfectly preserving shopping carts and umbrellas. Oh, what a cruel fate, to be outlived by a one dollar product made in a sweat shop in Korea and sold for ten dollars to poor schmucks who weren’t smart enough to carry some rain protection with them when they left the house!

Also a survivor of the apocalypse: a mermaid, which the singer finds in a car trunk. How the crap did a mermaid wind up in a car trunk? Shhh. Don’t worry your pretty head little head with insignificant issues like logic, baby. It’ll give you wrinkles.

Amorphis’ new album, The Beginning of Times, comes out May 27 on Nuclear Blast.


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