I saw The Human Abstract with their revamped line-up live for the first time this past Saturday night as part of their MetalSucks-sponsored “Pull Me From The Gallows Tour,” and holy crapticles, did they ever rule. This band is tighter than a newborn baby and has enough energy to power the sun. If you were at all concerned that THA would turn out to be the kind of group who can make great records but then can’t pull that shit off live, well, don’t be; they sounded more or less perfect.

Alas, the band has just announced that the remainder of the tour “has been cancelled due to a sudden and devastating loss to the THA family,” so if you didn’t get to see one of the initial dates, you’re out of luck. But the silver lining is that they’ve released a new video, for the song “Holographic Sight,” which was one of the tracks that got the crowd particularly worked up when I saw them. I’m gonna lie to you and say that it’s a great video (it’s basically reconfigured footage from a hip hop video, at least as far as I can tell), but it’s a great song, and if you happen to enjoy watching African American women with junk in their trunk shake shake what their momma gave ’em, your appreciation for the clip will be that much greater. (And, by the way, if women shaking their ass for the camera is the kind of thing which your boss will find inappropriate for a work environment, don’t watch this ’til you get home, okay?)

The Human Abstract’s so-good-it-makes-me-wanna-punch-them-each-in-the-face Digital Veil is out now on eOne. We’re sending out good thoughts to the band during this difficult time, and we hope they get back out on the road real soon.


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