Once a month we pick a band from Roadrunner’s SignMeTo platform that’s tagged their profile with “MetalSucks” to be featured on this here weblog. Have a listen to past months’ featured bands here. And so, without further ado, meet Mindshift, the June featurees…

Many of this site’s readers will probably write off Sweden’s Mindshift due to the lack of growled/screamed vocals, but that’s kinda what I like about ’em; they’re clearly not concerned with fitting into any prescribed mold or being perceived a certain way by the metal scene at large. Their music is certainly metal, at least to some degree, though; heavy guitars and drums, challenging musicianship, progressive arrangements and scorching, expertly crafted guitar solos. To top it off they’ve also got good songs, so rare in this game, and their vocalist is a real winner in a sea of generic, unoriginal screamers. These guys remind me a whole lot of Iris Divine, who we’ve featured on MetalSucks before. Check them out if you have an open mind for good music that doesn’t necessarily fit into what you think of as “metal.” The second song, “My Infamy,” is in my opinion the better of the two posted tracks.


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