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I’ve been to plenty of shows in my time where I was convinced that one of the band member’s on-stage antics was going to end in injury or worse; hell, I’m scared for Greg Puciato’s life pretty much every time I go see The Dillinger Escape Plan live. But somehow these dudes always manage to avoid getting hurt; it’s like there’s some special, secret rock musician training camp, where dudes go to learn to hang from things that should be able to support their weight and jump from heights that should clearly require a latter to descend.

What I’m saying is this: I’m surprised that accidents like the one in the below video, of Black Veil Brides vocalist Andy “Andy Six” Biersack missing a jump during a recent California concert and consequently shattering three ribs, don’t happen more often.

It’s no secret that we’re not fans of Black Veil Brides here at MetalSucks, but we never wish any artist we dislike physical harm. (Well, I wouldn’t be entirely opposed to seeing Ted Nugent get taken out by an angry deer, but he’d have to give the deer a fighting chance first, so that will probably never happen.) So let me say that I appreciate Biersack’s efforts to put on a good show for his audience, and even if I hate his music as much as Maria Brink hates tops that fit properly, I wish him a speedy recovery.


[via Metal Underground]

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