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On Tuesday Kia and Adult Swim’s weird download wall will offer (for freeness) an unreleased Mastodon song from the fruitful Crack The Skye sessions. This is boner news cuz while Skye is rad, its mere seven tracks aren’t enough — no matter how lengthy and multi-staged. Right or wrong, I need no fewer than nine jams per LP even if that means the damn shit is two hours long. All perfect albums have about that many cycles of verse, hook, and junk. (And the reverse is true cuz I top out at about 12 tracks — no matter how brief. TMI.)

In this way, Skye resembles Frances The Mute by Masto-labelmates/-collaborators The Mars Volta, right? It too is ambitious, wild, woolly, just ka-blammo. But The Mars Volta counteracted Mute‘s endless noodling and low number of complete cycles with a B-side, “Frances The Mute,” that slides tightly into the lead track slot of the album. And bam! the album just got bigger and better and yes longer, but we already went over that. So tomorrow, Mastodon might do the very same favor for Crack The Skye via “Deathbound”. Go here to get it.


Mastodon’s forthcoming album The Hunter is officially slated for release in 2011 and allegedly features songs titled “The Octopus Has No Friends,” “Stargasm,” and “Blasteroids.” Sure why not.


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