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Why it was just three months ago that we interviewed Periphery guitarist Alex Bois (along with bassist Tom Murphy) when his band played NYC with Scale the Summit, and things seemed just dandy. But apparently that was not the case or events have taken a sudden turn: Bois and the band have parted ways, although it’s not clear which party (if not both) was responsible for the split. From Periphery’s MySpace page:

Hey Guys!

We have some sad news to share. Alex Bois and Periphery have decided to part ways. This is truly a sad day for Periphery, because Alex has been with us since the beginning, and he is like a brother to us. We’re going to do everything we can to make the most out of this unfortunate situation, and soldier on like we always have in the past when faced with setbacks.

In regards to all of our upcoming shows and tours, worry not! We will have special guest artists filling in for Alex, so our touring plans will not be changing whatsoever.

Throughout all of this, we really appreciate your support and understanding.

See you soon

– Periphery

Seems like one of those touchy situations where the privacy of the band is best respected, but what do we know, maybe they just decided it wasn’t working any more. Naturally we’ll fill you in if we hear anything else.


Thanks: ton0290 and Dan

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