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OK WWE, you got me. I fell for it hook line and sinker, I actually thought that last week CM Punk had gotten away with speaking his mind about the sad state of WWE’s product live on RAW. I can’t believe they had me with the whole “CM Punk has been suspended” shtick. I have to admit that this story line is pretty good and for the first time in a very long time I am actually interested in seeing where they take this.

It did however get me thinking about whether or not anyone has actually gotten away with doing something unscripted live on Vince McMahon TV. After a little research I did find some really interesting stuff. Some stories about things that happened on televison but some other stories about fights between wrestlers that happened backstage. Here are some of the interesting tidbits I dug up. I tried to double reference these stories to weed out the ones that were total bullshit:

Kurt Angle vs. Daniel Puder

Smackdown was doing this “tough enough” promotion and Angle challenged the locker room to a “shoot” wrestling match. A guy by the name of Daniel Puder climbed in the ring and they started going at it. It was only supposed to be a gimmick but Puder began wrestling for real and slapped a very painful arm lock on Angle out of nowhere. The agents backstage in guerilla position screamed at the ref to stop the match, and he did. That Puder guy quickly was fired but I think he still sells “I made Angle Tap” T-shirts online.

Bradshaw vs. Steve Blackman

There have been a lot of wrestlers that have come out and said that Bradshaw was a real life bully in the WWE. Apparently in the late 90’s there was a guy wrestling for WWE named Steve Blackman that was known for being a marshal arts badass. He was at an airport luggage claim and Bradshaw decided to be a dick and shove him onto the moving luggage belt. Blackman was said to have turned around and placed a kick square on Bradshaw’s jaw, knocking him clean out. They both shook hands later to settle the beef.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Australia

According to reports, Juventud was tripping on ecstasy when he went on a cop-beating spree in Australia even breaking a female cop’s ribs! This is a shame because Juventud was a great wrestler; I bet this put a serious damper on his ability to find work.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Sandman

Sandman was so wasted during a TV taping for ECW in Fort Lauderdale that he pulled his pants down in the ring! Tommy Dreamer was so pissed they got into it backstage and had to be pulled apart. Then Sandman is said to have grabbed a nearby comb and started combing his pubic hair with it as Tommy was being restrained.

New Jack vs. Gypsy Joe

This is a good one! New Jack was at some indie wrestling promotion wrestling an 80 year old man named Gypsy Joe. It’s said that Gypsy Joe was bragging backstage about how he was “hardcore before there was even hardcore” and this angered New Jack. New Jack beats the living hell out of Gypsy Joe in the ring for real, using barbed wire bats and chairs, even whipping Joe with a chain full force. Ouch.

Arn Anderson vs. Sid Vicious

This fight is very famous in the wrestling world. They were both drinking after a show and Sid started going off about how Arn had never drawn any money (Thems fightin words!). They had words but went back to their hotel rooms. Later Sid blindsided Arn with an object and began pummeling him until he was unconscious. Arn, being a badass dude, woke up and fought back. Scissors got involved until the hotel hallway was smeared in blood. 2 Cold Scorpio is said to have saved Arn’s life.

Paul Orndorff vs. Big Van Vader

I am a huge Vader fan so when I read this I was like “Oh shit!” Back in the WCW days these guys had beef and it escalated when Vader arrived late for a show and Paul started yelling at him to hurry up etc. Vader started puffing up and Paul begged him to do something. Vader shoved him down with a palm blow but Paul came back and floored Vader with one punch from his bad left arm. Then he began kicking Vader in the Face with sandals on.

When the wrestlers broke it up it is said that Vader was left on the floor in the fetal position. In a later interview Vader said that he didn’t strike back because he didn’t want to lose his job. Paul said in an interview that he attacked Vader from behind.

William Regal vs. Bill Goldberg

Regal must have been tired of everyone just laying down and letting Goldberg crush them in the ring. So when Regal finally got a match with him he used his superior knowledge of Shoot wrestling to take advantage of Goldberg in the ring using some real wrestling holds. Goldberg looked like a fish out of water.


XPW wrestlers showed up at an ECW event for publicity. The ECW guys, understandably, didn’t like it. Words were exchanged between Francine and XPW valet Kristi Myst. They pushed and shoved, then the XPW guys got involved, and suddenly the whole ECW locker room emptied out. Witnesses say that the XPW guys took a beating from Jack Victory, Mikey Whipwreck, New Jack, Chilly Willy, Sal Graziano, Kid Kash, Paul Heyman, and others. The fights ended up going into the streets, and the XPW guys escaped in a limo.


OK dudes, I am out of here! I will continue this series of shoot fight stories next week! I have only scratched the surface!


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