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When Axl and I were kids we would get together with our friends for WWF slumber parties in which the main event was Wrestlemania or Summer Slam on Pay-Per-View, and damn, do you remember how EXPENSIVE those things seemed when you had to pool together months’ worth of allowance for just one broadcast?? Highway robbery. Several pillow fights in which we dressed up as our favorite wrestlers (no homo) and a few bowls of popcorn later we’d always tape the event as we watched it, and in the ensuing weeks one of our favorite things to do was re-watch body slams, pile drivers and various wrestlers’ signature moves using the groundbreaking Slo-Mo technology on our brand new VCR. Watching those brutal combos in choppy frame-by-frame slow motion provided endless hours of entertaintment!

Slo-Mo has sure come a long way since then; HD broadcasts of sports events regularly show crystal clear slow motion replays, and now a company called Ultraslo has a “high-speed” / slo-mo camera that can shoot at a whopping 3,000 frames for second. To demo their new product, Ultraslo put together a video of a snare hit in ultra-slo-mo (3,000 fps) and another of a cymbal hit at almost-ultra-slo-mo (1,000 fps) and, uh… WOW. That’s all I can muster. The snare hit is cool and all, but the cymbal hit might be more impressive despite being shot at slower rate.

Be sure to thank Metal Injection for digging these clips up.


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