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NOTE: Yep, I originally said it was Aaron Deal and not Rob Moore. I’m a dope. Apologies.

When Kat Katz split with Salome back in March, I wondered if the band would even try to replace her. And I guess the answer is “No, they won’t,” because now guitarist Rob Moore is in a new band, Auroboros, and on their Facebook page, he is listed as “ex-Salome.” So, the good news, I guess, is that Salome get to go down in history as being one of those bands that did a few really, really killer things, and then quit while they were ahead.

The even better news is that Auroboros — which also includes former Baroness guitarist Brian Blickle — are fucking sweet. No, they don’t sound anything like Salome (they’re much more Baroness-y), but that’s fine, ’cause good luck putting together a new doom band that is superior to Salome, and also ’cause, like I said, Auroboros are frickin’ sweet.

And the bestest news is that Auroboros’ five-song demo is available for free download right here. So you are a goddamn fool if you don’t at least check it out. You can’t even really use lack of hard drive space as an excuse, ’cause you can also just stream the demo. So do it do it do it. You will be glad you did.


Thanks to Dayv for the tip!

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