I’m going to put about much effort into this introduction as Vince Neil puts into having a designated driver.

First up today is Weedeater’s new video, for “Mancoon/Turkey Warlock,” which debuted over at Brooklyn Vegan. Guys, this is probably the best video you’re going to see today. It’s done in the style of a silent film, which isn’t a new idea, but the execution is great. And the storyline to the video is funny — basically, there’s a giant racoon (Mancoon) who wants the band to… eat large sandwiches. Hm. Anyways, clip ain’t embeddable, but you can check it out by clicking on the below screen cap.

Moving right along, we have Trivium’s live video for “In Waves,” the title track from their forthcoming album. And by “live,” by the way, I mean as in “They’re performing it in their rehearsal space, a la Metallica on that St. Anger bonus DVD, not in front of a live audience.” So, if for some reason you thought that Trivium can’t really play or whatever, this video should shut you up. But if you already knew that Trivium actually can play, this will probably bore you, unless you’re a really hardcore Trivium fan.

Next in line today is Suicide Silence’s new video, for the song “You Only Live Once,” which, alas, does not feature a guest appearance by Nancy Sinatra. But it does feature Mitch Lucker getting shot, which means it will appeal to both SS fans and haters alike. I can’t embed the video, but you can watch it by clicking on the below screen cap.

By the way, now seems like a good time to mention that Suicide Silence’s new album, The Black Crown, is now streaming here.

Finally, we have “No One to Blame,” the latest from Slaves on Dope, a terrible band that I still can’t believe anyone cares about. And not only does the video look and sound like a million other nu-metal and alt-metal clips you saw in 1998, but the song is clearly mis-titled. Because there is someone to blame, and that someone is whomever thought Slaves on Dope was an okay idea.


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