Scar Symmetry Dark Matter Dimensions Pinkie

The watershed moment for Scar Symmetry fanboys was beloved vocalist Christian Älvestam’s departure in late 2008. It’s like the death of Cliff Burton or Bon Scott, or the departure of Sebastian Bach from Skid Row; it’s that moment when a lot of fans drew solid lines in the sand and jumped ship. Despite the fact that guitarist Jonas Kjellgren has always been the primary songwriter, I get it: Älvestam is an incredibly talented vocalist and the band’s new two-pronged vocal attack is straight up goofy. I feel bad because the new guys are talented enough and I’m sure they’re cool dudes and all, but yeah… goofy is the right word to describe what it looks like when a band has two lead vocalists, and these two guys whose names are rarely ever mentioned are still no match for Älvestam.

Some group of butthurt Scar Symmetry internet trolls have taken to Photoshop for their latest display of nerdrage: a “new” cover for Dark Matter Dimensions, the first Älvestam-less album. Get it? It’s pink!! How feminine!!! You sure told Scar Symmetry how you really feel, Internet!!


Thanks: Patton and The Number of the Blog

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