Vince and I are going to see the Mötley Crüe /Poison/New York Dolls tour tonight, and, yes, we are excited. And while it briefly seemed as though this would be a magically drama-free tour after Nikki Sixx allegedly apologized for some not-very-nice things he and at least one of his bandmates (Tommy Lee) said about Poison, it’s become increasingly clear that Nikki either didn’t apologize, or didn’t want that apology made public. In any case, he has continued to smack-talk Poison at every opportunity, which, of course, makes us drama queens at MetalSucks very happy.

But the really wacky thing about Nikki’s insults against Bret Michaels and company — and I’ve been saying this since November, when word of the tour first got out — is that Nikki seems to be operating under the impression that Mötley Crüe never dressed like this…

…or sounded like this…

…which is really not so far away from this:

And those are just covers.

Case in point: this recent interview with Nikki. A sample:

“[Bret Michaels] was the one on the phone that told me he wanted to do it because his band needs credibility and Mötley Crüe is a credible band.”

Nikki goes on to say that both The Crüe and their fans would have preferred that the tour be with Guns N’ Roses or Def Leppard, but that neither of those bands were available. (Guns N’ Roses were unavailable? Nnnnnnnooooooo. I don’t believe it. Who could have seen that coming?) He also expresses surprise that Poison was the fans’ next pick on the list: “Poison [was] third and we’re like, ‘Really?'”

Yeah, dude.



Thanks: Greg

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