Rampant Rumors



Oh, this makes me miss that kid Revrant so much! Anyone remember him?

ANYWAY, Disturbed are a terrible band, so it’s hard not to perk up when you find out that vocalist David Draiman recently said the following to an Idaho radio station:

“We don’t know what we’re doing… We’re not gonna do our own thing either. This is gonna be the last tour that the American people get to see us in for a while, if not indefinitely. We have some things going on internally, we have some personal things going on. So I don’t know. It’s hard to tell.”

That’s obviously not a firm confirmation (or even an explicit statement of intent), and I’m honestly a little bit suspicious that he said anything at all, ’cause that’s some pretty public airing of dirty laundry. So it occurs to me that Draiman could just be just drumming up publicity — even before Paul Gray passed away, the guys in Slipknot were constantly talking about breaking up in the press, and I honestly believe that the constant air of drama has  helped maintain their fans’ interest.

But I have to wonder why he would want to drum up publicity… I mean, it doesn’t seem like Disturbed are wanting for anything right now, save for maybe critical respect. Could it be a devious plan to take a hiatus, make the fans really crave their return, and then come back, stronger and more terrifying for people with good taste than ever before?

I dunno, I dunno, but the mere possibility that the band may be on its last legs so exciting! I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed. I might even call up Dave Mustaine and see if he’ll lead me in prayer. This is honestly the first time that I’ve ever wanted anything so badly I was willing to beg an imaginary man in the sky for it.


[via Noisecreep]

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