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Big Business - Quadruple Single

Well, this is a strange week. On the one hand, we have some great stuff coming out, including new music from Big Business and Iwrestledabearonce, as well as World Under Blood’s first record, All Shall Perish’s new one and the solo effort from Jamey Jasta. We also have some complete garbage piles from faceless, nameless bands such as As Hell Retreats. Enjoy!

All Shall Perish – This Is Where It Ends (Nuclear Blast)
The fourth album from All Shall perish has the same result as previous albums. All Shall Perish has been putting out solid metalcore (you could easily call this deathcore) for years, ever since 2003’s Hate, Malice, Revenge. This time around, guitarist Jason Richardson and drummer Matt Kuykendall have left the group, and are replaced with new drummer Adam Pearce (ex-Sea Of Treachery) and guitarist Francesco Artusaro (Hiss Of Atrocities).

As Hell Retreats – Volition (Ain’t No Grave)
As Hell Retreats’ second album is another release from Ain’t No Grave Records, Century Media’s new Christian metal imprint. While labelmates Sleeping Giant showed promise, As Hell Retreats and The Great Commision just bore me. They sound like pretty generic metalcore, with nothing really separating them from the pack musically.

Bayonet – Bayonet (Mightier Than Sword)
Featuring members of Senses Fail, Fit For An Autopsy and Suburban Scum, this is the group’s first record. I was never a fan of any of those bands, and after listening to a few sample tracks, I can say I’m not a fan of this either. Generic screamo, a little more inclined to the hardcore side, but not really captivating at all.

Big Business – Quadruple Single (Gold Metal)
Released via the band’s personal label (Gold Metal), this 12” EP is the debut of Big Business’s new lineup, now featuring two guitarists. New guitarist Scott Martin (formerly of a band called Crom, but I can’t figure out for sure if this is the same band that released The Cocaine Wars or not) is the latest addition. Big Business are currently on tour with Torche and Helms Alee. Definitely pick this up and go see the band live if you’re lucky enough to have this tour swing through your area.

Boys No Good – Never Felt Better (Indianola Records)
What a fucking bad week for music… I’m only on the letter B and I’ve already gone through three crap bands. Boys No Good have an awful name and an equally awful record out this week called Never Felt Better. Extremely polished and melodic metalcore, more on the mallcore side of things, and just generally an abomination to the eardrums. Ignore.

City Lights – In It To Win It (InVogue Records)
I swear to you, I’m trying to stay positive. I read the comments, I saw when someone called me a Debbie Downer a few weeks back, and I’m not trying to bag on every band every week. But this week is just a torrential downpour of bullshit being released. I’m going to just say skip this without even describing it.

Isis – Isis Live V 07.23.06 (Ipecac)
The last of Isis’s five-volume live series is released today. The set was recorded at Koko’s in London.

Iwrestledabearonce – Ruining It For Everybody (Century Media)
We’ve been talking about Iwresledabearonce on the site for months now, and the band’s new record is finally out. Those unfamiliar with the band should take a listen to the band’s spastic style and seemingly random genre shifts in the songs. The whole package together stays interesting throughout, and definitely never gets boring. This is the band’s second full-length record, following 2009’s It’s All Happening. Also, check out the video for the track “You Know That Ain’t Them Dogs’ Real Voices”:

Jamey Jasta – Jasta (eOne)
Jasta says this collection of music was too different from both Hatebreed and Kingdom Of Sorrow to release under either name, so he’s simply releasing it on his own. However, most of the track previews I listened to online sound like they could easily fit into either one of those bands’ albums. The biggest departure from Jasta’s main gig are the extremely melodic vocals on the track “Something You Should Know,” which makes sense when you realize All That Remains’s Phil Labonte is a guest vocalist on the track. I’ll have to listen to the full album for sure, but this might just be a collection Jasta simply wanted to have his own brand on as opposed to sharing it with one of his groups.

World Under Blood – Tactical (Nuclear Blast)
A side project from CKY’s Deron Miller, WUB shows Miller’s love of technical, yet memorable death metal. Miller is joined by a full band, including James Murphy (Death, Obituary, Testament), producing and playing guest guitar, and Tim Yeung (Divine Heresy [and new Morbid Angel]) on the drums. Overall, the music equates to being a more extreme version of CKY, as Miller is also a primary songwriter in his other band. The project maintains the melody and hooks of CKY along with an added sense of metal brutality; Miller is not holding anything back.


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