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Ludicra broke-up, so THANK GOD we still have P.O.D., right? I mean, I just don’t know what the world would have done without a Christian rap metal band. We might have had to resort to listening to, like, Verdi or something. Yucky.

Of course, I am kidding. I was ready to pour bleach into my ears about two seconds into P.O.D.’s new single, “On Fire,” but then, around the forty-one second mark, vocalist Idunnohisname Andidontcareenoughtolookitup made some reference to Rage Against the Machine, and I had to turn the song off. P.O.D. in any way comparing what they do to what RATM do/did is right up there with Limp Bizkit making a Slayer reference in terms of completely wrong and misguided correlations.

Anyways, if you can make it further than I did, you are hardened, tough son of a bitch. And if you actually like this song, then, by all means, please feel free to kill yourself.


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