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Spurred by a lazy crossword clue in The Onion (36 down, four letters: “Faith No More’s only hit”), MetalSucks contributor Anso DF dedicates every single day in August to celebration and exploration of the San Francisco alt-metal greats. Here we prove that history’s greatest band landed more than one commercial hit (crossword answer: “Epic” natch), we revel in FNM’s embarrassing wealth of winning album tracks (themselves often fit for chart topping), and we dip into the staggering best of the b-sides (ditto). Along the way, we survey the context of FNM’s big break (amid similarly seminal acts Jane’s Addiction, Nine Inch Nails, and Ween) to post-Nevermind, panic-based music commerce in which the brilliantly versatile, fearless powerhouse band operated until their 1998 demise. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Song “Caffeine”

Written by Patton (L); Gould, Patton (M)

Released 1992

Appears on Angel Dust album

Produced by Matt Wallace

Guitars by Jim Martin

Key lyric “The world expects the pose/It’s perfectly natural/Loosen up”

Single? No.

The climate In 1989, The Real Thing‘s title track hinted at Faith No More’s capability for foreboding, violent songcraft; three years later on Angel Dust‘s second song, “Caffeine,” that hatched into full-bore bloodlust.

Awesome song elevated to supra-awesomeness by cinematic storytelling, found in large supply on Angel Dust. I don’t know what “Caffeine” is about (the aftermath of a murder?), but I know it would fit snugly over the end credits for Le Samurai (“Make contact/Up to my neck/I confess in quicksand”), Irreversible (“Do you have something to tell me?”), and Bad Lieutenant (“I’m warning you/I’m warning you/I’m fucking you/I’m warning you”).

Didja know? The lyrics to “Caffeine” are the product of a Mike Patton sleep deprivation experiment. Also, keyboardist Roddy Bottum stated at the time that Patton used no drugs except for caffeine. Wait really?



5 “Caffeine”

“Falling To Pieces” (read)

“Stripsearch” (read)

2 ”Ricochet” (read)

1 ”Land Of Sunshine” (read)

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