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Here’s an interesting story that The PRP picked up on: during a recent interview with Lithiummagazine.com, Killswitch Engage/Times of Grace guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz claimed to be working on  a death metal side project with the drummer from Black Dahlia Murder and the singer from Cannibal Corpse.” (That would be Shannon Lucas and  George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, respectively, in case you somehow don’t know that.)

And while it isn’t presently clear whether or not Dutkiewicz was being serious or just dicking around, I’d still like to say right now: I would check that band out.

Here’s my reasoning:

  • Corpsegrinder is awesome.
  • Lucas is awesome.
  • I am a big Dutkiewicz admirer who feels let down by his recent output, mostly because it all sounds very same-y. Hearing him do something that has no chance of sounding anything like Killswitch — and let’s be real here, Corpsegrinder ain’t gonna croon no “The Arms of Sorrow” anytime soon — is incredibly appealing to me as a fan.
Of course, supergroup often turn out to be less than the sum of their parts, so there’s always the chance that this band would end up being disappointing. But I would be super, super curious to hear what they came up with.
Final suggestion: band should be called Killcorpse Murder. Just because it is such a ridiculous name.
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