What the...??



What the fuck? Look at this press release Axl just forwarded to me:

“It was in 1983 when Howard Jones first burst upon the contemporary music scene and brought his very English song-writing and pioneering synthesizers to an unsuspecting world. His first two albums Human’s Lib and Dream Into Action were massive worldwide hits.

Human’s Lib reached #1 in 1984 in the UK and featured the hits ‘New Song,’ and ‘What Is Love?’  In 1985 Howard released his follow up: Dream Into Action, which quickly became a Top Ten Platinum album here in the US and featured the massive hits: ‘Things Can Only Get Better,’ ‘Life In One Day,’ ‘No One Is To Blame,’ and ‘Like To Get To Know You Well.’

“Now for the first time ever, Jones will perform these first two classic albums in their entirety in the US this fall. A true icon of the 80’s and godfather of modern electronic dance music, Jones will be giving the fans what they’ve longed for.”

Okay, so first of all, I did NOT know that Howard Jones was English. I always thought that dude was from Massachusetts!

And second of all, he was recording albums in 1983? With synthesizers? WHOA. Howard Jones must be way, WAY older than I thought he was.

So I checked some of this old solo stuff out, and… man, does it ever SUCK! Listen to this crap:

OH MY GOD, WHAT?!?! That is the WORST song I have ever heard in my life. I can’t believe that was written and recorded by THE Howard Jones. I can’t believe he still thinks it’s cool, too. You’d think since he’s in Killswitch Engage now he knows good music from bad, but I guess not.

I will say this for Howard Jones, though: I think it’s a real tragedy he once had to pretend to be white just so he could perform his crappy music on English television. Those Brits sure are a buncha racists, ain’t they?


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