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When Keith Merrow posted a home studio walkthrough video last month he mentioned he was working on a death metal side project. This got internet metal nerds very excited, and since I’m an internet metal nerd… ya know.

Keith just sent me a recently uploaded video of himself tracking the guitars for said death metal side project, called Demisery, which he’s putting together with his friend Gord Olson. Given Merrow’s extraordinary talents shown on his solo work I shouldn’t be surprised that the guy can handle such complex death metal riffing so well, but still, I’m quite impressed! More impressive still is how different this stuff sounds from Merrow’s solo work; I have tons of respect for players who can handle multiple genres. According to Merrow, “There’s no core, no prog, no “djent”, this is a 100% Death Metal album.” By the looks of it, the man speaks truth.

No word yet on when the Demisery debut will come out, but as things tend to move pretty quickly in the home-recording world I’d wager it’s possible we see it by the end of 2011.


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