• Axl Rosenberg

I’m going to put about as much effort into this introduction as I put into trying to be sensitive to Hinder’s feelings.

We begin today’s cinemetal round-up with “Irresistible Force,” the first new video from Jane’s Addiction since whenever the last time they released a video was. The clip has some stuff going for it — like a lot of mostly-naked beautiful women, and a particularly funny moment, at the :54 second mark, when there’s some not-at-all-subtle vaginal imagery — but for the most part it’s pretty standard stoner stuff. The fact that the song is fairly boring doesn’t help.

Next up we have Chickenfoot’s new video, for the song “Big Foot.” If the idea of watching a dude dressed like a huge cock act like an asshole to a soundtrack of mediocre corporate rawk sounds appealing for you, then you are going to LOVE this video. If not, well, probably not so much.

We continue with “Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine,” Tom Morello’s new video for his Nightwatchman project. And I don’t even know what to say about this clip. It’s a fairly boring performance video. If you love Tom Morello, maybe you’ll just enjoy watching him perform for a few minutes. Otherwise, feel free to skip it — there’s really not much to see here. The video originally debute on Rolling Drone‘s website.

And we conclude today to with “Held to Answer,” the latest from Will Haven. This is easily the best of these four videos; the editing is a little weird (sometimes the cuts are right on the beat, and sometimes they’re right before the beat, and sometimes they’re not on the beat at all, and I can’t tell what’s motivating the constant change-up), but, clearly, the director had a vision of some sort, which is more than I can see for the previous clips posted today. The video originally debuted on


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