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You guys know that really good band that got fucked over a bunch of times over their last few tours in recent memory? Well, somehow, it actually happened again. I received the following unfortunate email from The Ocean’s Robin Staps:

 “Today is a shit day. Our upcoming US tour just fell apart. We had been confirmed for weeks for a direct support slot on a good 6-weeks US tour in October and November, and yesterday it was decided that this tour is now being postponed to late November into December. We are not available at that time because we have tours booked in Europe for months. Our flights to the US have already been booked for weeks, and we’ve been left high and dry again… somehow we’re just not lucky over there it seems!

If anyone has a tour to offer us between October 9th and November 20th, we’re all ears :-) Hope we can still make it over somehow.”

So, uh, this obviously sucks gigantic horse penis, considering how stoked I was, and how stoked a lot of other people were, about their upcoming tour. As usual, everyone’s efforts will not go unappreciated; Robin and the other guys really need our help. It saddens me to see a band with such talent get screwed so many consecutive times.

Buy Ocean merch here in an attempt to salvage their tour. You wanted a shirt with a whale fighting a giant squid anyway. It’s a fucking whale. It’s cooler than Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, which we all know to be the pinnacle of nautically-oriented cinematic ventures.

We’ll be posting Ocean updates as we receive them, and we’re hoping that this tour can actually become a reality.


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