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  • Axl Rosenberg

9/11 is obviously a complicated issue, and it’s one I feel no desire to make light of. So when discussing Bret Michael’s new 9/11 tribute video, “One More Day,” I am going to try to be sensitive as possible.

Fuck Bret Michaels in the eye.

Wait wait wait wait, that came out wrong. What I meant to type was  —


This video isn’t reprehensible (just) because it’s a cheesy oversimplification of the aforementioned complicated issue. I don’t even really care that Michaels used it as an opportunity to glorify himself as a USO performer — he’s not the first celebrity to pat himself on the back for doing something nice, and he won’t be the last.

No no no, what’s really offensive about this video is inclusion of the following picture:


What in the name of sweet baby C.C. DeVille does Michaels’ own personal health issues have to do with 9/11? It’s not like he ended up in the hospital because he inhaled too much crap helping at Ground Zero, or was injured while fighting overseas. His medical difficulties are either a result of shit luck, faulty genetics, too many years of partying, or some combination of all three. Bret Michaels has never severed in the military, and just because he got VD doesn’t mean he was in the shit.

What a fucking asshole.

Here’s the rest of the video, which premiered on Noisecreep, in case you give a shit:


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