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If you live in North America, it can be easy to forget (assuming you ever even knew) that metal is, like, 1,000,000% bigger in Europe than it is here. Case in point is Nergal, who has not only been the victim of multiple baseless, Tipper Gore-esque attacks from the religious right in Poland, but is also going to be a judge on the Polish version of The Voice,  and now graces the cover of that country’s edition of Newsweek.

I don’t speak Polish, of course, but the always helpful Google Translate tells me the literal translation of the headline is “GOD HORROR HOME*, Polish the Face of the Unknown Devil.” Actually, that “unknown” bit may be the site telling me it doesn’t understand a word. But it’s clear that the story is about Nergal’s aforementioned persecution from uptight Christians. If any of you Polish readers out there (and I know there are a few of you) can offer us a better translation, we’d be much obliged. Also, please tell us what Kate Winslet has to say about Roman Polanski! Sounds juicy.


*I first saw this on Metal Injection, where one of the MI Junkies says that it’s “Homeland,” not “Home.” SO FUCK YOU, GOOGLE TRANSLATE!!!

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