I have now listened to the new Pathology album, Awaken to the Suffering, several times, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this band, like many others, have a formula for writing their songs. That sounds like a total slam (pun intended), but it’s not necessarily a terrible thing — I think of lot times artists are probably not even conscious of the ways in which they repeat themselves — and in this case, it makes it way easier for me to know at exactly what point I am going to start enjoying the track. See, I almost never get into the first half of a Pathology tune; but then the riff changes, a fun guitar solo kicks in, and from there on out, it’s smooth sailing. I literally enjoy every song on this album from the guitar solo onwards; that seems to be when the riffs go from muddy mosh noise to epic epicness. It’s kinda funny when you think about it. If I just edited all the songs down, the album would be about fifteen minutes long instead of thirty minutes long, and I would probably love it from start to finish.

The “things get good starting with the solo” principle is in full effect on the track “Media Consumption,” which now has a Re-Animator-esque tongue-in-cheek gore video for you to enjoy while taking my little theory for a spin. Like the other excellent video released today, it’s NSFW — in the case ’cause some poor dude’s head gets ripped off.

Awaken to the Suffering is out now on leading independent music retailer VICTORY RECORDS.


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