Discussing Dream Theater’s new album, A Dramatic Turn of Events, last week, Vince wrote that the release “sounds just like Dream Theater,” even without longtime drummer Mike Portnoy. And Vince is a way, way, WAY bigger Dream Theater fan than I am, so if he can’t hear any discernible difference, I sure as fuck ain’t gonna be able to.

So. While I still haven’t heard the entire album, mostly because I just do not care, but listening to the song in the band’s new video, “On The Backs Of Angels,” I am inclined to agree with Vince, that, yes, Portnoy-less DT sounds exactly like Portnoy-full DT. Which is to say, the song is pretty cool until James LaBrie opens his stupid mouth. Holy shit, that dude’s voice is irritating.

ANYWAY, check out the video below, courtesy of Yahoo. At first it seems like a pretty cool clip, until you realize it’s really just a bunch of graphics that don’t do anything especially interesting, intercut with some admittedly very good performance footage. So I guess I’d say this is a good video, but not the best video you’ll see today or even this week.

A Dramatic Turn of Events is out now on Roadrunner, but based on the initial sales figures that have gotten out, you already knew that.


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