Today I’m blessed with the opportunity to have my voice heard by a lot of music fans-which is amazing-and I wanted to spread the love around a little bit.  Once I was announced the winner of the contest a lot of friends/associates/bands hit me up asking me to please write about their own band or a band that they managed, some even offered money.  I feel bad having to say no because if I could I’d help ALL of my friends but I can’t post about all 500 bands that I’m friends with.  For those of you I didn’t post anything about that are pissed off-give me a fucking break!  Besides, these bands agreed to give me a fresh bung-toungue and you didn’t, that’s not it works in the industry.

With that said I decided I’d pick just 5 bands.  I came up with a few guidelines I wanted to follow.  They had to be a band that had never been mentioned on Metalsucks.net before, they had to be great people, and they had to have a professional product.  Lastly, they had to be a band who’s music I personally really like and believe in.

Without further ado:


This fucking band and every musician in it just owns, period.  Guitarist/Producer Adam “Nolly” Getgood is a name you need to get familiar with NOW!  I have no doubt he’ll be revered as one of the best guitar players/producers in metal in the coming years-he’s that good.   They recently released their much anticipated debut EP and IT’S FREE!!  Click here to head to the link to being your download!  I’ve embedded my favorite track off the album so you guys could easily check out a preview, it’s called “Timeframes”, and you can check it out below.  I don’t know what my favorite part about it is.  I guess if I was forced to pick I’d say the jizz inducing section of the song from 1:30 to 2:40 is where I always need to change my Optimus Prime tighty-whities.


To me Being are one of the most refreshing bands to hit the scene in a long time and they’re also one that is really forging their own sound.  Their frontman Cas is one of the most intelligent-and nicest I should add-guys you could ever meet and it shows in his lyrics.  The whole band is just great and their entire EP-JUST LIKE THE RED SEAS FIRE ONE-IS TOTALLY FREE!  It’s chock-full of shining moments from each member.  I had a hard time picking which song I wanted to share on here-one of my favorite fucking riffs I’ve heard in I can’t even remember how long is the intro riff to their song “Mindflay”.  It’s not finished yet but you can hear the instrumental version of it on their Soundcloud page which is also where you can download their FREE EP-just click here!  The track I did end up choosing is a killer from start to finish-it’s my person favorite off of the “Arrival”.  It’s called DNA, check it out!


Man, I don’t even know how to describe the sound that these guys have going on.  I’d say it’s some type of crazy fusion of Devin Townsend, Queen, Dream Theater, and…shit…pure awesomeness?!  To me it’s just an amalgamation of some of the best parts of music from the past, present, and even from what I think will become the future.  So far they haven’t released much music but what they have released is killer!  The track I picked is called “Karma” and it’s great.  You have to listen to it from start to finish to get the full scope of what these guys are about musically-it’s epic.  You can download everything FOR FREE by clicking here.


Of any band I’m posting about today I’d say that I’ve gotten to know these guys the least but what I do know about them is that their music is incredible and they definitely seem like really cool dudes-so yeah-I had to show some love for them here.  Currently they’ve only released one track but that’s all you need-one track that slays is better than 20 that are pretty cool.  As for getting ahold of their music, you guessed it, NOVALLO’S MUSIC IS FREE TOO-just click here!  “4 Eyes Win!” should be called “Music Win” and you’ll hear why.  Every part is great but I especially love the prechorus that kicks in at :21 and what’s even better is the chorus that drops at :40-the riff under it is SICK!


These guys are so very talented.  Their music blends so many different styles it’s really hard to describe and I don’t want to try to do that because I’ll probably fuck it all up haha.  Of all the bands I’ve talked about here today This Time It’s War are the only one I’ve seen live and they are INCREDIBLE!  They just absolutely smoke.  One thing that caught my ear when I first heard their music was the guitar work, especially the leads.  Justin Lawson and Alan Simpson fucking own.  Many dudes can shred but where these two shine is their writing.  Don’t take my word for it-check out their track “Pathways” below and check out the solo’s at :58 and 1:46 .  And yes, just like all of the other bands I’ve posted about here THEIR MUSIC IS FREE!  Unlike the other bands I’ve posted about here you can also pay whatever you want so how about you dig in your pockets you fucking cheapskate and toss a little change their way and support an amazing independent band-just click here!

*NOTE* I’m not sure who uploaded this track to YouTube but it clips quite a bit.  The album itself, however, DOES NOT!

I hope you guys like what you hear!

Love your favorite guest writer in Metalsucks history,

Justin Gosnell

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