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Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

It’s been a while since we heard anything from Early Man, the Brooklyn-turned-L.A. outfit who were one of the very first bands to usher in the current thrash revival. What have they been up to since the release of Death Potion, which came out last year? Why no extensive touring?

Turns out band mastermind Mike Conte has been up to something else entirely: writing the score for a brand new cartoon series on Cartoon Network called Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. Conte tells MetalSucks that “The score is very metal, lots of riffage, and the cartoon is also very metal, lots of classic toilet humor.” Sounds fun! He adds:

The creator of the show is a huge Garbage Pail Kids and Don Martin/MAD Magazine fan and the influences are clearly there but the show is definitely it’s own thing. There’s some killer guest voice appearances (Dee Snider plays a tooth fairy in one episode). There is a character called “The Fart” who steals the show in every episode. It’s technically a kids show but metalheads of all ages should be on the lookout, they’ll dig it.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome premieres tonight on the Cartoon Network at 8:30pm. Check out a preview of the series premiere featuring Conte’s riffage here and the very metal end-credit music here.


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