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The fine folks over at Noisecreep had not one but two big track debuts today. And so, although it is unfair to the bands, I am lumping them into one post. Sorry.

And so —

  • As I Lay Dying have debuted their cover of Judas Priest’s “Electric Eye,” which is actually one of two Priest covers which will appear on their upcoming tenth anniversary release, Decas. (The other JP tune is “Hellion,” in case you’re curious.) The structure and music of the original haven’t been changed much for this cover, but the band definitely changed the whole vibe and style of it, making it appropriate AILD-esque. Check it out here. Decas comes out November 8 on Metal Blade, and then then the band heads out for a headlining tour. You can get dates here.
  • Spineshank have unveiled a new tune called “Murder Suicide” here. I was never really a Spineshank fan, but there were certainly far worse bands to emerge from that scene/era, and that’s basically how I feel about this song — it’s no masterpiece, but it didn’t make me wanna tear my eardrums out with a pair of tweezers, so there’s that. And in their defense, they haven’t changed their sound much since the last time I heard them, so at least they’re not chasing trends. The band has apparently completed a new album, entitled¬†Anger Denial Acceptance, and searching for a label to release it sometime next year. So, uh, if you, like, own a label or something, maybe give these dudes a ring?
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